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Donating a new policy is an easy form of life insurance gift. It’s simple: contact your life insurance agent, establish a new policy in your name and make the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation the beneficiary. The insurance agent will collect the first premium (the first premium is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt) and once the premium has been paid, your agent will transfer the ownership to the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. Once ownership is transferred you would then be eligible for charitable tax receipts for your premium payments. Life insurance is a way to make a larger gift than you may otherwise be capable of, without depleting your current assets now, or your estate later. The American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) is a worldwide group of academic, professional, and regulatory leaders in insurance, risk management, and related areas, joined together to advance the study and understanding of the field. Founded in 1932, ARIA emphasizes research relevant to the operational concerns and functions of insurance and risk management professionals and provides resources, information, and support on important insurance and risk management issues.

Two main goals of the organization are 1) to expand and improve academic instruction of risk management and insurance, and, 2) to encourage research on all significant aspects of risk management and insurance. While traditional life insurance plans have both a protection and an investment component, term insurance plans are pure protection plans that don’t give any payout on surviving the policy term. However, as compared to traditional insurance plans, term plans have the advantage of providing large sum assured coverage at much more affordable rates.Term insurance is a simple form of life insurance. It provides financial protection to your family at the most affordable rates. With term insurance, you can get a large life cover (i.e. sum assured) at a relatively low premium rate. The benefit amount is paid out to the nominee in case of death of the person insured during the term of the policy.In today’s uncertain times, it is important to ensure your dependents are financially protected even if you are not around. Buying a term policy is a simple and cost-effective way to do this. With term insurance, you can get a large amount of life cover at a relatively low premium rate. You can get a ₹ 1 Crore life cover starting at just ₹ 490 per month2, which is less than half the cost you would typically pay for an outing with your family. The benefit amount will be paid to the nominee in case of death of the person insured during the term of the policy.ICICI Pru’s term policy comes with two in-built benefits:Terminal Illness Benefit: You receive 100% claim payout in case you contract a terminal illness.A life insurance policy refers to the contract between an insurance provider and an individual.

As per the agreement, the policyholders pay a certain amount as the policy premium while the insurer pays a specific amount to their family on untimely demise of life insured. A life insurance policy will provide a specified sum to your family (the chosen nominee) at the time of your untimely demise. They can use the sum assured to fulfil various financial needs With death being the only sure thing in life, it is crucial to buy the best life insurance policy that suits your financial needs. Policy means the contract of insurance entered into between you and the insurance company as evidenced by this document, the Proposal Form, the Schedule and any additional information/document(s) provided to the insurance company, in respect of the Proposal Form along with any written instructions from you subject to the insurance company’s acceptance of the same and any endorsement issued by the insurers. A term insurance policy provides financial security to the family in case of untimely demise of the primary breadwinner. As a rule of thumb, you should get a cover equal to ten to twenty times your annual income. Based on your requirements you can choose from various types of term plans available: a pure term plan, return of premium plan, increasing sum assured plan, or term insurance plan with income benefit. You can further customize the coverage to meet your particular requirements through add-on covers including accidental death benefit rider, critical illness cover, and waiver of premium. There are considerable benefits of purchasing an insurance policy online.

Read on to find out everything you need to know before buying a term insurance plan.Term insurance acts like a financial blanket when the earning member is no more. Hence one must buy a term plan to ensure that the family doesn’t have a setback financially while dealing with the loss of a loved one. Term insurance is typically taken for the purpose of income replacement. To make the product benefits match customer needs better, income benefint is oered wherein the nominee gets the desired sum assured in periodic installments. A part of the benefint is still oered as lump sum in some of these plans. A key benefint of the plan is that it is more tax efficient in the hands of the nominee than a lump sum-based plan. Typically, any lump sum assured will be invested in an interest-bearing finnancial instrument, and the periodic interest received could be taxable. Nominee also get an option to commute the future income payments at any point and get a lump sum instead which is equal to the present value of outstanding income benefint installments.